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The Now Space

I believe that when you do energy work and you are having fun and truly enjoying yourself that your ability to manifest or heal becomes much more powerful.    When you really explore your creativity

Stone Grids

A grid is created by using a geometric form that in of itself focuses energy. You can focus the energy inwards towards you or outwards to the world at large. By placing stones on a

The Speaking Stones

Many years ago when we moved our Clearsight Center to Santa Monica we had a very interesting experience with an Amethyst Geode. I was traveling with a spiritual friend one year and we stopped in

Playing And Speaking With Stones

Have you ever spoken with a stone? I’m a pretty down to earth person but recently I have been making stone and crystal grids and this has led me to “speak to the stones.” For

Just What is Clairvoyancy?

Clairvoyancy is seeing what we call the higher vibration of energy. So you see beautiful vibrant colors and images we call pictures. These pictures are like a movie when you see it stopped screen by

Seeing Is Believing

Using your clairvoyant ability to see and being able to see and know gives you a tremendous edge in life. It allows you to know what is right for you in every aspect of your

Finding The True You

We call our program, The Clairvoyant Program. However, actually it is the study and practice of learning to know your energy well and being able to de-energize the emotions, fears or blocks that stop you

Understanding The Unseen World

The first thing I would like to explain to you is that you cannot “understand” the world of the unseen, but you can come to know it. Understanding is using your mind. Knowing is using

When the Angels Sing

I like to wake up to meditate right before dawn because that is when the angels sing. The angels sing to the elementals of nature to give them the messages of what is to be

Meditation Techniques

Now, in case you do not know this, there are many meditation techniques in our world. I have a friend who concentrates on the bubbles in a pot of boiling water. When I was teaching

Clairvoyant Meditation

 CLAIRVOYANT MEDITATION is when you learn to see things with your inner eye. This is like going to the movies. You learn to see your aura which is the energy that surrounds and protects your