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When the Angels Sing

I like to wake up to meditate right before dawn because that is when the angels sing. The angels sing to the elementals of nature to give them the messages of what is to be

Meditation Techniques

Now, in case you do not know this, there are many meditation techniques in our world. I have a friend who concentrates on the bubbles in a pot of boiling water. When I was teaching

What is your Higher Self?

Whenever I do public lectures about energy skills there is always someone in the audience who asks, “What is your Higher Self?”  I am always amazed that some people have never heard of this. Your

Why I Meditate Every Day

WHY I MEDITATE EVERY DAY I discovered that if I meditate in the morning my whole day goes better. Sometimes I can actually create things, events and people coming to me. But mostly it just

The Many Types of Meditation

THE MANY TYPES OF MEDITATION I really like the Clearsight EVOLVING Meditation because it is an “in the body” meditation. I have had many friends who practiced “out of the body” meditation. Out of the

Clairvoyant Meditation

 CLAIRVOYANT MEDITATION is when you learn to see things with your inner eye. This is like going to the movies. You learn to see your aura which is the energy that surrounds and protects your