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Levanah Shell Bdolak

Author, teacher, counselor, TV and radio personality, Levanah Shell Bdolak has been teaching people how to use the power of their own energy to transform their lives for more than 28 years. She is one of the original founders of the Clearsight Center, which offers life-changing skills that transform people.

“Some people think Clairvoyants simply foretell the future,” she says, “but there is much more to being psychic than that. I show people how to develop their intuitive skills to create their own future and fulfill lifelong goals.”

Levanah has traveled internationally for twenty-four years, founding a Clearsight branch in Tokyo where she taught two weeks every month for 22 years teaching 33 of the 13 month Clairvoyant Programs and 35 of Energetic Medicine– Natural Healing Programs. She has also taught ongoing programs in Santa Monica, CA and internationally in France, England, Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong. She is currently based in Los Angeles as the current Director of the Clearsight Center.

Levanah is the author of eight Books: “6 Steps For Changing Your Life Now”, skills to make your life successful; “Liberating Your Passionate Self”, a book explaining the true nature of personal freedom; “My Secret Clairvoyant Life”, sharing stories of her clairvoyant experiences; The Five Basic Truths: the essences of living your personal truth ; “Seeing The Incredible Aura” an insiders view of the egg of light that surrounds you; “Sayings To Shift Your Life By”, profound and useful sayings to contemplate every day; and “Eco-Spirit- A Spiritual Guide to Healing the Plane”, a book that teaches techniques for balancing the individual as well as the global eco-community. She is also the author of “The Aura Coloring Book”, which is sold world-wide, and has hosted her own radio talk show, “The Psychic Talk Line”, on Los Angeles’ KABC Talk Radio. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Antioch College and Ministerial Degrees from the Church of the Divine Within and the Church of Divine Man.

Levanah was aware of her intuitive abilities as a child. She could see auras (electromagnetic energy fields) around people, plants and animals. As she grew older she looked for intuitive methods that would help people make their lives more fulfilling.

“The skills we are teaching work better than anything else to get people grounded, able to solve the problems in their lives and to have fun,” says Levanah. “When people have skills for processing out life’s traumas, they don’t get stuck if something happens, they stay fluid, shift their reality and create what they want. Suddenly things are easier. They release pain from the past and experience life to the fullest.”

Levanah’s vision is to see Clearsight skills taught throughout the world. “I would like to reach as many people as possible,” she says. “We have the ability to create an incredibly toxic planet or an incredibly abundant planet. The more people who transform themselves, the more we affect life on the planet in a positive, life-enhancing way.”

Judy Nelson

Metaphysical Minister, Healer, and Clairvoyant Judy Nelson is a gifted healer and clairvoyant. Her joy is helping people find their true selves so they can walk their most fulfilling path in life. Judy began her metaphysical studies in 1984 and completed them at Clearsight, Judy became an ordained metaphysical minister in 1994 and a master practitioner of clairvoyance and energy healing. She has a thriving private practice as a clairvoyant and energy healer, so much so that it takes several weeks to be able to book a session with her. Additionally, she is one of the most profound teachers available anywhere. Currently, she is teaching Clairvoyant and Energy Healing programs in Los Angeles, as well as intuitive courses in Tokyo, Japan.

Other courses Judy has taught are: Animal Communication, Advanced Communication With the Higher Self, Achieving Emotional Balance: Four Spiritual Methods, Living Your Life Purpose, Dreamwork, and Talking with the Dead.

In addition to her ministerial counseling, Judy is a speech-language and voice pathologist in Encino, California. Judy holds a B.A. in Music, Board Certification as a Music Therapist, and a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She has done extensive therapeutic work in psychiatric units, special education centers, hospitals, and schools.  Judy is co-author of a book and CD package entitled “Sound Healing:  Ease Chronic Pain,” and co-author of the Individualized Music Therapy Assessment Profiles (IMTAP).

Contact: (818) 514-5956,,