• Evolving® Meditation

    The one meditation, that enables you to be successful, healthy, and feel good all day long. You’ll discover how to avoid painful emotions by released without having to re-experience them. I’ll be revealing some really clever ways to release anxiety and stress while it happens.
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Clearsight is a Spiritual Church. We do not teach scripture or beliefs. We show you how to access direct connection with the Oneness. Clearsight has Sunday services accessible all week long. We have free Meditations, free Healings, and free Intuitive Readings and also paid Readings, Healings & Core Release Sessions by professional Reverends trained by us.

How To Lead A Fulfilling Life

What is it all about? Is it just success? A good bank account, a nice home and no headaches from bills? Or is there more to life ….and more to living the good life? What is it you truly always wanted? Did you get it? Have you found what we call meaningfulness in your life? Do you want to take the next step in your evolution and learn skills that can totally change your life and introduce you to your true abilities? Within you is the power to know yourself on the deepest levels of awareness. Within you is the power to heal yourself and others. Within you is the power to overcome your restrictions, your fears and your negative thinking patterns

  • Learn the basic skills of the universal energy flow that can allow you to shift yourself at will.
  • Experience touching the awesome at will.
  • Learn to get high without alcohol or drugs—the natural energy way!
  • Give yourself permission to move from fear and uncertainty, from confusion to inner knowledge– that allows you to access your higher awareness and always know what is right for you.
  • Learn the gift of living in the moment so your emotional pain disappears.
  • Experience the joy of living in the moment—the true gift of being spiritual.
  • Learn the power of Free Will so you are in charge.
  • Learn how to use your Free Wil ability so you are not influenced by others, not Programmed by family, friends or teachers and not a sponge for other’s beliefs and emotions.
  • Experience how your own sense of spirituality can open wondrous doors of awareness for you.
  • Learn how you can be the best of who you are—living up to your own chosen full potential.



Meditation Skills

5 Super Skills, a Meditation of Limitless Possibilities releases your blocked emotions and opens the doorways to success.

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About Healing

Learn about your full potential to be healthy, happy, successful and on your path to enlightenment.

Announcing Our First Full Clairvoyant Online Program

Clearsight’s Clairvoyant Transcendence Program is an intensive voyage of self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-awareness, in which you learn to use your own life- force energy to create the life you want.

The Now Space

I believe that when you do energy work and you are having fun and truly enjoying yourself that your ability to manifest or heal becomes much more powerful. When you

Stone Grids

A grid is created by using a geometric form that in of itself focuses energy. You can focus the energy inwards towards you or outwards to the world at large.

Stones & Crystals Can Bring You Calmness & More

Speaking with a stone is kind of like getting to know another person. When you first meet someone you get to know their outside identity and then if you spend

The Speaking Stones

Many years ago when we moved our Clearsight Center to Santa Monica we had a very interesting experience with an Amethyst Geode. I was traveling with a spiritual friend one

MeditationsFree Sunday Meditations

JOIN OUR FREE SUNDAY MEDITATION FOR PERSONAL GROWTH AND GLOBAL ALIGNMENT. Become aware of how, as a lightworker, you can help to raise the energy of light & love on our planet